Comprehensive Environmental Testing

Mold in the Ceiling - Environmental Testing

Rely on CLS Mold Testing, LLC in West Warwick, Rhode Island, to provide environmental testing services that determine whether remediation is required. Our ability to determine the extent of an issue, saves you from unnecessary costs and health risks.

Mold Testing

We test multiple areas of your property for fungal mold growth and mold spores. Our techniques combine air and surface sampling, along with bulk and dust sampling.

Mold Remediation Planning

This is to facilitate the removal of mold growth. Though we do not actually perform the remediation, we provide a report for your remediation team, detailing each step of the process which should be followed.

Post-Remediation Verification (PRV)

After your remediation is complete, we return to perform air and surface sampling. Through this testing, we help you ensure the remediation tasks were successfully completed.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing

This test is completed with a photoionization detector (PID). We provide offgassing measurements for a number of products in use, such as cleaning products.

Allergen Testing

These tests identify the presence of allergens from organisms such as dogs and cats, as well as cockroaches and dust mites. We provide this testing using air samples.

Drinking Water Testing

Identify harmful organic growths in your water supply. We offer a complete standard operating procedure (SOP) to demonstrate our process and explain how to collect water samples. Drinking water test Total Coliform and E.coli.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigation

To determine IAQ, we test for the presence of combustible gases and their lower explosive limit (LEL) percentage, as well as for carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Finally, we check the temperature and humidity in the indoor air.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Swab

We perform swab surface sampling to determine if the surface is within the acceptable clearance levels.

Post Testing for Sewage Loss/E.coli Surface Swab Testing

This service is typically performed following a sewage leak. We test levels before remediation, and then after its completion to ensure there is no longer fecal material or E. coli present.

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